Techinical specifications

Thickness of rolling edge-banding belt0.4-3mm
Height of rolling edge-banding belt12-55mm
Work piece thickness10-50mm
Air pressure0.7Mpa
Compressed air usage0.3 m3 / min
Power of accessorial heating device0.12kw
Fine trimming motor0.7kwx2 12000r/min 200Hz
Buffing motor0.25kwx2 1400r/min 50Hz
Heating power of glue tank2.42kw
Work piece delivery motor1.5kw
Gross power5.6kw
Machine outline size3200x900x1400mm

The glue mechanism adopt a special structure to gelatinize the plates and coating materials
uniformly, ensure a more solid conglutination.

End -trimming mechanism through a precise guide track movement, adopt automatic tracking and high – frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the cutting surface smoothly.

Fine trimming mechanism used for r e p a i r i n g t h e e x c e s s e d g e materials, adopt automatic tracking and high frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the trimming plates smoothly.